Digital Ordering Made Simple

Saleslogic results in faster order fulfilment, lower costs and less admin. It is a scalable B2B ordering solution that integrates with several major ERP systems to enhance your supply chain.

The solution to "out of stock" problems, Saleslogic makes it simple for store buyers or franchisees to forecast and order stock in just a few clicks.

Increase your sales and market share with a digital ordering portal that gives customers the convenience of purchasing products online, from any device.

Digital ordering made simple

Master Stock Sheet

Builds a customised online stock sheet by collating orders over a 3 to 6-month period to make ordering quicker, accurate and more efficient.

Product Filtering

A responsive interface that allows buyers to effortlessly filter products by category and quickly find the items they want to order.

Import Order Sheets

Easily imports order sheets to automatically add products to the shopping cart to get buyers up and running on your portal in no time.

Quick Reorders

Keeps a record of all recent product orders, with the ability to adjust stock quantities in real time for convenience and fast repeat ordering.

User Journey Steps

We help you every step of the way.


Saleslogic offers third-party integration for several major ERP systems, including:


Mobile Field Sales

Enable your reps to view products and capture orders on site, schedule appointments, and access customer analytics to increase sales opportunities.

Account Queries

Let customers update order information, review past orders, and access invoices and account balances in one convenient location, from any device.

Digital Catalogues

Your customers can view high-quality online product catalogues that can be customised with special offers, promotions and discounts.

Setup and Support

We assist you with the initial setup and optimisation of your Saleslogic ordering portal and offer competitive support packages for ongoing product assistance.

Why Us

Saleslogic was developed with direct input from leaders in the South African sales and distribution industry to address common challenges faced by B2B companies like yours. These insights, coupled with the technical expertise of cloud solutions developer, Cloudlogic, led to the creation of a digital platform that streamlines ordering processes, increases customer satisfaction and reduces errors and wasted expenditure.

Saleslogic helps you achieve faster order fulfilment and lower costs by reducing common errors associated with inefficient processes, such as phone, email and handwritten orders. It scales to meet your needs, integrates with several ERP systems, gives your reps a mobile ordering platform and offers your customers a self-service portal to access account information, which decreases your support overheads.

Whether you sell products to other businesses or supply stock to your own stores or franchisees, Saleslogic will streamline your processes to help your business grow.

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